Get no Satisfaktion: exilium in Brexit-Britannia

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Get no Satisfaktion: exilium in Brexit-Britannia

Beitragvon Willimox » Mi 7. Dez 2016, 19:09

Iussus ad Euxini deformia litora ueni
aequoris – haec gelido terra sub axe iacet –

Bei der Recherche zum Terminus „Procrastination“ auf den Blog von Peter Kruschwitz gestoßen, „classical professor“ der „University of Reading“.

Kruschwitz, bei uns wohl bekannt durch seine Beschäftigung mit pompejanischen Wandinschriften, berichtet von einer Alltagsbegegnung, mit englischen Ladies. Er telefoniert auf Deutsch….. und Ovids Exil scheint auf.

Control, Fear, and Rage: Ovid on Linguistic Isolation

Posted on June 29, 2016by Peter Kruschwitz

I moved from Germany to Britain in September 2005. I have made this island my home – I work here, I live here, I have my friends here. I don’t put my beach towel over chairs in the library, I do not wear socks with my sandals. I still can’t bring myself to enjoy real ale, I regret to say, but I try to make up for that by drinking cider instead. In complete denial of my identity as a Berliner, I apologise when someone inconveniences me, and I join queues whenever there is an opportunity. I’ve been working on my English, too, improving it from marks in the C/D range at school to at least a B- now. I live in Reading, a beautifully multicultural community, in which I very much feel at home, for all its faults and oddities.
Yesterday, however, on my way to work – I was on the phone with a German travel agent, talking in German – the following happened.
Already as I was walking and talking, I heard muttering behind me. Two ladies (I’m using this term rather loosely here) were overhearing my conversation and expressing their, shall we say, dissatisfaction with my choice of language – or, as it quickly turned out, my very presence. The following dialogue ensued:

– ‘Better start packing, mate. Go home where you came from.’
– ‘If I go home, I’ll miss work.’
– ‘So you’re taking our jobs too, you fxxxing piece of sh*t.’
– ‘Can you tell a gerund from a gerundive in Latin?’
– ‘What the f*ck, man! What the f*ck!’
– ‘Believe me, I’m not taking your job.’
– ‘Fxxxing immigrants!’
– ‘Fxxxing ignorants!’



Ich weiß, ich weiß, englischen Gelehrten wird der Job weggenommen, Gerund und Gerundiv und all das zu lehren, nicht den ehrbaren Ladies.
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